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Design Search Features

DS - Greater Search Accuracy

Greater Search Accuracy

DS - Easy-To-Access Visual Information

Easy-To-Access Visual Information

DS - Intuitive and Simple to Use

Intuitive and Simple to Use

Greater Search Accuracy

Save time and enjoy more targeted search results with Design Search’s advanced search functions, including image cropping and image + keyword searching.

  • Image cropping, to highlight a specific element in an image

  • Extended Search, for extended and focused searching on any image in the search results

  • Image + keyword search capabilities

Design Search - Greater Search Accuracy - Luxury Shoe
Design Search - Greater Search Accuracy - Luxury car

Easy-to-Access Visual Information

Design Search presents important information visually, so you can quickly focus on design details and make better decisions faster.

  • Side-by-side comparison of a target design and a resulting image

  • View six different angles of a product or design

  • Easily enlarge any image by mouse-over or icon-click

Design Search - Easy to Access Visual Information

Intuitive and Simple to Use

Jump right in and start to get useful search results right away, thanks to Design Search’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface and functions.

Design Search - Drag and Drop

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