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Make more impactful decisions with patent insights and analysis that are most relevant and useful for you.

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Immediately uncover hidden insights and discover the true quality of a patent, with Patentcloud’s exclusive Quality Insights.

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Maximize design inspiration and minimize risk with Patentcloud’s AI-powered, imaged-based Design Search.

“During my thirty-three years in the IP industry, I noticed that the tools available to patent professionals were lacking—most simply provided basic search results and many relied on low-quality data. So, we created Patentcloud, a patent intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to deliver true actionable insights for impactful decision-making. At the same time, we have dedicated ourselves to achieving the highest-quality data, including developing a process that involves proprietary post-acquisition data processing, to fulfill our vision of deriving wisdom from data to empower the world.”

Y.P. Jou
Founder of InQuartik & IAM’s 2017 #17 Market Maker, IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists 2018

Patentcloud is the leading product brand of InQuartik Co., a global software company that specializes in artificial technology and big data analytics. Patentcloud was developed by leading IP professionals and data scientists, and it is currently adopted by thousands of satisfied users around the world. Through its range of products and regular updates to the platform itself, Patentcloud is dedicated to providing actionable insights that enable impactful decision-making.

Assessing Patent Validity More Quickly and Easily

Patentcloud’s exclusive Quality Insights makes finding patent invalidation faster and easier.

When presented with a cease and desist letter or a patent infringement complaint, your client will demand, at the very least, a basic case assessment very quickly. Patentcloud’s exclusive Quality Insights provides immediate access to wide ranges of comprehensive, easy-to-view, and easy-to-export global patent data about virtually any patent or published application…

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Asserting Patents with Confidence

Learn how Patentcloud helps to maximize the monetization of your client’s patent assets by strengthening your assertion position.

Determining the litigation-proof quality of a patent before asserting that patent is essential to success. Patentcloud’s Patent Search offers access to a comprehensive database for prior art searching, while Patent Search’s AI-powered Semantic Search quickly and easily identifies highly relevant prior art…

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Assuring Asset Quality

No one wants to buy or license low-quality patents. Patentcloud gives you an immediate edge in conducting high-level and global-scope patent due diligence, so that you can be assured your client is only buying or licensing quality patents.

Patentcloud provides the products and features you need to conduct thorough global patent due diligence and create effective reports for your clients—all in real time…

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Invaluable Tools for In-House Patent Counsel

Most organizations need to improve their invention disclosure assessment, patent asset management, or patent clearance research procedures and tools, and Patentcloud provides the patent intelligence platform needed to achieve success in these areas.

Patent Search Statistical Charts

For invention disclosure assessment, Patentcloud’s Patent Search features a commitment to data quality that ensures data conformity, accuracy, and timeliness. It also provides enhanced search capabilities, including Patentcloud’s proprietary, AI-powered Semantic Search, which parses and assesses invention disclosure texts as well as automatically performing prior art searches, allowing for quick and easy evaluations of the state-of-the-art and/or patentability.

When it comes to reviewing and analyzing resulting prior art, Patent Search’s data management tools enable annotation of patents, folders, and charts, as well as allowing multi-user teams to quickly search, update, and share these annotations in one place.

Managing patent assets does not only involve evaluating prosecution and maintenance history data; analyzing related patent portfolios and competitive intelligence are also critical.

Patent Search’s actionable dashboard allows you to manage and present patent data from various perspectives. You can even analyze patent data from your own perspectives using the Patent Matrix, which enables deep data mining for further insights, such as when evaluating, acquiring, or disposing patent assets for patent portfolio development. Additionally, Patent Search’s enhanced search and data quality features facilitate reliable and comprehensive prior art searches for competitive intelligence.

When exploiting patent assets, Patent Search’s Patent Quality and Value Rankings provide an instant evaluation of the quality and value of patents, and Quality Insights serves as a powerful tool for evaluating not only the quality but also the validity of a patent.

For patent clearance, ensuring that there are no potential “freedom to operate” patent threats to a company’s product line is critical.

So, for accurately evaluating risk assessment and determining the next steps to take, Patent Search’s exclusive Patent Matrix categorizes relevant patents by the components or technologies in a product. For even further insights, Patent Search’s wide scope and industry leading legal status and current ownership data can also be analyzed in all dashboards, including the Patent Matrix.

And as an alternative to developing a design-around, Patentcloud’s Quality Insights goes even further to provide an exclusive and powerful invalidity search tool for killing patents.

More Ways to Utilize – and Benefit from – Patentcloud

No matter if it’s a technology roadmap, M&A evaluation, or patent asset valuation, Patentcloud delivers relevant, reliable data and automated analysis, allowing impactful decisions to be made more quickly.

Research & Development

Innovation is one of the most important factors in a company’s competitiveness. And the most successful technology innovation companies demand that their businesses-development and research-and-development teams always know that they are absolutely up-to-date on the state-of-the-art.  For researchers, Patentcloud’s Patent Search Premium features Semantic Search, an advanced AI-powered feature that quickly uncovers technology trends among the most relevant and current patent documents. 

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M&A Evaluation

When making strategic business investments, the strength of a technology and the intellectual property assets protecting the technology drive decision-making. Therefore, patent due diligence studies are critical for understanding whether the technological capabilities and patent assets of an investment target will deliver true competitive advantages. Patent Search’s data quality, especially the conformity, accuracy, and timeliness of this data, assures the coverage, completeness, quality, and value of the target’s patent assets.  

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Patentcloud leverages AI and big data to deliver actionable patent insights.

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