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Why We’re Here

InQuartik was founded with a commitment to empower people to make more impactful decisions. This is done by using the latest in technology to deliver real business insights that are directly relevant to those who use our products.

We believe that artificial intelligence and big data analytics are powerful instruments that can be applied to IP and investment, particularly in patents and M&A.

For Patentcloud, our leading product brand, we have leveraged machine learning, deep learning, and other AI technology to transform patent data into actionable patent insights that enable impactful decision-making.

Patentcloud - About Us
Patentcloud - About Us

Our Background

InQuartik was founded by Y.P. Jou, who, over the course of his thirty-three years in the IP industry, saw the opportunity to apply new technology to different fields, including IP and investment.

To make this a reality, Y.P. assembled a team that included IP professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of the IP lifecycle. He also gathered ambitious data scientists, including several PhD’s, who were eager to develop new algorithms and AI technology and apply them to specific industries.

Today, InQuartik is delivering actionable insights through its leading product brand—Patentcloud. This patent intelligence platform uses AI and big data analytics in its three products—Quality Insights, Patent Search, and Design Search—to enable users to make more impactful business decisions.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission reflects who we are and what we stand for as a company.

Derive wisdom from data to empower the world.

Organize key data and discover business insights for impactful decisions.

A Strong Foundation and Three Areas of Specialization

From the beginning, InQuartik has chosen to build our company on a strong foundation with specialization in three domains, in order to leverage our strengths and experience in these specific areas.

4 Pillars of InQuartik

Information Technology

InQuartik is a global software company, and information technology is at the foundation of everything we do. We have assembled a team of ambitious engineers and developers to build platforms and products that organize key data to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower our users.


At InQuartik, we relentlessly purse the latest in innovation. All of our platforms are cloud-based, and our own R&D team has developed a wide range of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data analytics for our products.


With extensive experience in M&A and other areas of investment, we understand clearly what drives financial success. Utilizing this knowledge and experience, InQuartik continues to develop products that use AI and big data analytics to meet the needs of investors and enable monetary growth.

Intellectual Property

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the intellectual property field, InQuartik brings a wealth of knowledge to our products and their users. InQuartik’s leading product brand, Patentcloud, delivers actionable patent intelligence through its three main products—Quality Insights, Patent Search, and Design Search, enabling users to make more impactful decisions.

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