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Patent Search Features

PS - Data Quality

Data Quality

PS - Enhanced Search

Enhanced Search

PS - Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

PS - Data Management

Data Management

PS - Actionable Dashboard

Actionable Dashboard

Greater Accuracy Through Better Data

Experience total data transparency from a quality-driven global database that features conformity, accuracy and timeliness. Patent Search’s proprietary algorithm ensures the most accurate legal status and current assignee status for all major countries, in particular the US and China, making your searches quicker and more accurate.

  • Legal Status

  • Current Assignee

  • Regular Database Updates

  • Data Cleansing, Normalization, Logic-Based Corrections and Post-Acquisition Processing

PS - Greater Accuracy Through Better Data

Advanced Analytics Tailored to Your Needs

Patent Search’s advanced analytics are completely customizable, enabling you to easily correlate different data sets, giving you precise aggregated results that deliver new perspectives and real insights.

  • Patent Matrix, a Patent Search exclusive that consolidates and aggregates self-defined data for comprehensive insights into your requirements

  • Data Grouping, for effortlessly and comprehensively summarizing company and inventor data into a simple and consistent analytics expression

PS - Advanced Analytics

Manage Your Work More Effectively with Data Management

Increase efficiency and collaboration. Patent Search’s Management Center allows multiple users to access and share related patent data, annotations, and analysis, enabling participants to stay up to date on the status of the data in the project as well as the work done by others. In addition, once a patent is saved in a project, search queries are recorded for tracking, and any changes to the project data are provided in the overview of the project.

  • Project Management Center, for storing and sharing related patent data, annotations, and analysis in a single location – Project List, Data Repository, Project Overview

  • Changes in Scope, for monitoring of project activity

  • Annotation and Management Tools, including Tags and Memos

PS - Data Management

An Actionable Dashboard for Impactful Decision-Making

Make better decisions faster with Patent Search’s Actionable Dashboard, which allows you to interact with charts and graphs to dive deeper into the data and gain real actionable insights.

  • Directly relevant metrics clearly displayed

  • Visualizations that inspire action

  • An easy-to-use interface

PS - Actionable Dashboard

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