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Quality Insights Features

QI - Overview of Prosecution and Post Grant Proceedings

Overview of Prosecution and Post-Grant Proceedings

Prior Art Comparison

QI - Searchable File Wrappers

Searchable File Wrappers

QI - Second-Degree Prior Art

Comprehensive § 102 and 103 Citation Data

QI - Prior Art by Semantic Similarity

Prior Art by Semantic Similarity

Prosecution and Post-Grant Proceedings at a Glance

Quickly and conveniently view major substantive prosecution issues and main events during reexaminations or IPR/CBM/PGR proceedings, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Prosecution and Post-Grand Proceedings at a Glance
Prior Art Comparison

Conveniently Compare Prior Art in an Instant

Immediately understand the difference between the claimed invention and the prior art in the prosecution (in other words, the gist of the invention) with this auto-generated, in-depth, and easy-to-read claim-chart formatted comparison.

And currently under development but coming very soon, in addition to the prosecution history data that is now available, Prior Art Comparison will soon feature PTAB data, as well as prior art ranked by relevance to the patent’s claims.

Searchable File Wrappers at the Speed of Now

Conduct a keyword search of file wrappers to identify prosecution history estoppel and claim scope disavowal issues quickly and easily.

Searchable File Wrappers at the Speed of Now (new)

With Quality Insights, you can even search additional claim terms within rejections.

Comprehensive § 102 and 103 Citation Data

Simplify Your Workflow with Consolidated Family Prior Art

With all the family prior art conveniently consolidated in one list and the § 102 and 103 citations highlighted, you can quickly focus on—and spend more time—developing your validity/invalidity evaluations.

Family Prior Art

Conveniently View Unique Second-Degree Prior Art

Instantly enhance your prior art search capabilities—Quality Insights delivers an additional degree of prior art references, extended from citations under 35 U.S.C. § 102 or 103 in prosecution history and post-grant proceedings.

Conveniently View Unique Second-Degree Prior Art 1
Conveniently View Unique Second-Degree Prior Art 2

The Most Relevant Prior Art, Right Away

With one click, dig through layers of data to find the Top 50 prior art most relevant to your search, thanks to Patentcloud’s proprietary AI-powered Semantic Search algorithm.

Relevant Prior Art (new)

Elevate Your Patent Invalidation Process with Quality Insights!


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